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Box Washers

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  • The installation is constructed of solid plates and profiles of stainless steel 304. The cabinet is easy to clean. By a large door the inside is well accessible for internal cleaning.
  • The tank is constructed with a slanting bottom, enabling a quick flow of water towards the drain when emptied. The dolav/big box is to be placed and will block easily without any tool on the lifting door.
  • During the main wash the outside as well as the inside of the dolav/big box is cleaned by a rotating spraying arm. For a controlled movement of the spraying arm it is driven by a motor.
  • Optionally a detergent can be dosed. Depending on the pollution of the dolav/big box the washing time can be adjusted up to 30 minutes maximum.
  • Following to the main wash the dolav/big box is rinsed during the after rinse with clean water to remove the residual detergents. On the after rinse is a reducer installed.
  • Energy efficient
  • After rinse program with fresh water
  • Stainless steel
  • Available with options

Options and Accessories

Dosing pump

Vapour extraction

Steam injection

Hot water coil

Electric body

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